Session plan for interest level: 1, 2


Clickity clack, clickity clack . . . Splat’s bicycle bumps and jumps over the bumpy track on his way to school, until . . . crack! Splat takes a tumble off of his bike and finds himself nose to beak with a duck. A crash of this caliber should certainly merit some alarm from this duck, but Splat hears no sound. A duck with no quack? Splat thinks that his teacher, Mrs. Wimpydimple, will know what to do, so Splat packs the duck in his backpack along with his school supplies and heads off to Cat School.


Beginning readers will enjoy this book and identifying some of the basic phonetic elements involved. Rhymes, rhythm and repetition make this story fun to read aloud. Students will identify words ending with “ack” using sticky notes and the “ack word family sheet.”


Book Information

Splat the Cat and the Duck with No Quack
By Rob Scotton
Harper Collins, ©2011

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