Session plan for interest level: 1, 2, 3, 4


In this story of friendship, loyalty, and trust, readers spend a day in the life of Sarah and her guide dog, Perry. Perry helps Sarah go shopping, to the post office, and take the train to school. Sarah, a blind musician and teacher, entertains the children and tells them about the time she and Perry walked from Boston to New York to show the world what a blind person can accomplish with the help of a guide dog like Perry.Told from the perspective of Perry, readers will learn about the service of seeing-eye dogs and how anything can be accomplished through perseverance and friendship.


Terrific book providing an opportunity for students to learn about the capabilities of the blind. Students will write about the five senses and how each one was used in the story.


Book Information

Looking Out for Sarah
By Glenna Lang
Charlesbridge Publishers, ©2001

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