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One hopelessly stormy night, an especially hopeful child was born. She came to be known as Thunder Rose. Right from the start, Rose decided she would do more than just grow up to be good and strong, thank you very kindly! And, indeed, she does. Rose grows up to soothe the rankest of beasts and subdue the wiliest of outlaws. With her trusty steer, Tater, at her side, there seems to be no mountain too high and no desert too dry for Rose.But when a whirling storm on a riotous rampage threatens, has Rose finally met her match? Don’t be too sure. Wrought from the thunderous voice of Jerdine Nolen, and forged under the smoldering touch of Kadir Nelson, Thunder Rose is a heroine with more mettle than we’ve ever seen before.


A tall tale is a story with unbelievable elements, yet with some basis in truth just wildly exaggerated.  “Thunder Rose” includes exaggerations of actual events. Tutors will assist students in identifying exaggeration in tall tales and use exaggeration in their own written tall tale.

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Book Information

Thunder Rose
By Jerdine Nolen
Harcourt/Voyager Books, ©2003

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