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Based on Uhlberg’s childhood as the hearing son of two deaf parents, this picture book follows a family through a day in 1930s Coney Island. Opening as father and son plummet “down the shaking mountain” of a roller coaster, the story exudes familial tenderness as the boy and his parents stroll the boardwalk, gaze at the ocean, and eat at their favorite Chinese restaurant. Throughout the day, the boy’s father asks him to describe the sounds he cannot hear—a ritual that annoys the boy occasionally, but that he grows to appreciate, especially after he discovers a book of poetry at the library, full of verbal imagery he can share with his father.


This book provides the tutor and student a real opportunity to talk about and write about what it would be like without the sense of hearing. Great book for connecting with your student without doing a lot of extra activities.


Book Information

The Sound of all Things
By Myron Uhlberg
Peachtree, ©2016

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