Session plan for interest level: 3, 4


Learn about the Great Wall, one of the largest man-made structures on earth – and one of the best known. Make a Chinese “chop” and use it to stamp their journal articles.


Students are guided to discover what the “great wall” means, its location, and its history. The book tells a brief history of the Great Wall of China, begun about 2,200 years ago to keep out Mongol invaders. An author’s Chinese signature or “chop” will be introduced and the students will be able to make one and use it to stamp on paper.

Start the session by looking at the cover and pictures in the book. See what the student thinks is happening. Read the book together and discuss it.

Discuss what a “chop” is, and note the use of a chop in the book. Then, using materials brought to the session by the tutor, help the student design and make a chop. After it is made, students may “sign” their journal articles with the chop to show they are the author.

Girl with Chalk at a desk

Book Information

The Great Wall of China
By Leonard E. Fisher
Simon & Schuster, ©1995

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