Session plan for interest level: K, 1, 2, 3


How many different shades of skin color are there? This book emphasizes the variety of colors of people’s skin and compares them with the colors of familiar foods for easy recognition. Great illustrations and color!


Ever think about the variety of skin color? This book highlights some of the variations in skin color and compares the hues to everyday foods and objects familiar to your student. A color wheel and a paint swatch card (showing variations in tans and browns) are included in the session plan.

Begin by discussing the color wheel provided. The tutor can ask the student to identify their favorite colors and describe why these are their favorites. A list of words related to colors is shown in the session plan for the tutor and student to discuss prior to reading the book. After reading the story, review the events for comprehension and discuss the author’s selection of the title.

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Book Information

The Color of Us
By Karen Katz
Henry Holt and Company, ©1999

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