Session plan for interest level: K, 1, 2, 3


Learn about the symbol of our country, the American flag, through simple rhymes and activities.


This is Unit 5 of the “America, A Land of Immigrants” curriculum. This is a resource of materials to help students explore the topic and experience of immigration. It includes curriculum objectives, historical background, glossary of terms, bibliography and a list of immigration web sites.

The focus of this plan is “The Flag We Love.” This book has simple rhyming text at the top of each double page and more detailed historical information at the bottom. Students discuss the concept of a symbol and what it represents.

They create a flag to represent themselves, play “I’m Coming to America” game and an activity that arranges the Pledge of Allegiance in proper sequence.

Tutor brings a small American flag to the session, and begins by discussing how the flag is a symbol and how we respect and treat the flag. After reading the book, the student designs a flag to represent them.

There is a template included to make and play a game “I’m Coming to America.”

Stars American Flag

Book Information

The Flag We Love
By Pam Munoz Ryan
Scholastic ©1996; Illus: Ralph Masiello 

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